Christmas Flower Centerpieces 

Cheryl’s Wedding Bouquets also does Christmas flower centerpieces!  I have been making Christmas wreaths and centerpieces for a little shop in Hamilton, Ohio.  They are mostly designed with silk flowers because most people want to reuse their Christmas decorations from year to year. 

They also make great Christmas gifts for the special people in your life. Every year when they get that centerpiece, they will remember the person who gave it to them! I can also make silk flower arrangements for gifts that aren’t Christmas in décor. A custom made flower arrangement is always a great gift for someone who is really into decorating.

If you prefer fresh flowers for your Christmas table, invest in a great container that you can reuse from year to year. You can take your container to your florist and have an arrangement done in it every year. The greenery used for winter centerpieces typically lasts longer than other greenery. So, if the flowers don’t last you can keep the greenery and just replace the flowers as needed.

Also, it helps to put some non floral trinkets in the centerpiece to add interest. Things to add could be Christmas ornaments, pinecones, small ceramic figurines and ribbons. They take up space so you don’t need as many flowers to make it feel full.  

Christmas Flower Centerpieces Ideas

Some flowers that can be used in Christmas décor are red roses, carnation, mums and lilies. Poinsettias are traditional Christmas flowers but don’t do well once they are cut. Red spider mums are a little more modern and very striking. Snowy white hydrangea are great for winter flower décor but they need to be replaced more often. Calla lilies could also be modern and elegant.

Cheryl’s Wedding Bouquets also does cemetery arrangements for Christmas and other special days. I use flowers that can withstand the elements. It is always nice to remember your loved ones on holidays. I can create vase inserts or headstone saddle arrangements. I can also make easel arrangements if no headstone is present.

Have fun and enjoy the holidays and call us if you want to look at our Christmas Centerpieces!