What is simple? Simplicity is an aesthetic that is both classic and contemporary, elegant and unfussy.  A simple wedding can be inexpensive or extremely luxurious depending on the materials, setting and other elements that you choose. You have heard the expression ” Less is more”. Sometimes a simple elegant centerpiece of a beautiful orchid in a vase with black stones can be just as impressive as a huge candelabra filled with hydrangea and roses. It is worth noting that a simple wedding design will always be less wasteful and more stylish than an over the top affair. A simple wedding design should be in harmony with your chosen location. Simple is not necessarily minimal. There are times when a single element such as a single flower that is multiplied 100 times makes a huge statement. Imagine a long table lined with 30 vases of a single orange poppy. Simply stunning but not minimal. A simple stunning wedding means that many of the elements are limited to three choices.  Color is an important factor. For the most powerful impact, focus on a maximum of three colors. When selecting flowers, choosing tones of just reds and pinks with a white base will be more impactful than a room filled with a riot of yellows, pinks, oranges, purples, blues and greens. It also makes your design process a lot more streamlined as you will automatically rule out colors that are not part of your plan. Weddings that have a unifying theme are not only more appealing but simplifies the planning process. For example, a Zen style wedding would have an invitation on beautifully folded rice paper, a sake and sushi bar and floating orchid centerpieces. When all design choices fall into a general theme, it is simply stunning. Let your surroundings inspire every aspect of your wedding. If you are at the beach, let the colors of the water inspire you. Use blues ang greens  like the water or grays and coral pink like a seashell. Centerpieces could be giant conch shells with a few well placed flowers coming out of it or vases filled with white sand and shells and floating candles. Colorful lanterns add a whimsical touch to a tent wedding. A wedding at a winery could feature empty wine bottles with a single large flower with bowls of fresh grapes and breadsticks. Simpler is better, take the time to apply the simple principles. Focus on your budget, your preferences, and your smart details and gracious warmth rather than prestige and you will be rewarded with a stunningly beautiful headache free day. On your golden anniversary I guarantee you will treasure the memory of your festive, romantic day and you will toast to each others good style