Well it is winter time in Cincinnati and people are getting married. Winter is a good time to get married if you have your heart set on a place that is slightly out of your budget. There are many discounts available if you can have your wedding in January, February or March. It is the off season for weddings so many facilities will give discounts.  Caterers and photograghers may be less busy during this time of year.

Flowers aren,t usually discounted however. In fact, a wedding around Valentines day may cost more than other times of the year. This is mostly due to the demand for roses around that holiday. Some florists may give a discount on labor if they aren't particularly busy in the winter months.  I think winter weddings are beautiful expecially if you go with it and have a winter wonderland theme. White roses and hydrangea look soft and snowy. Don't underestimate the power of babies breath. When used in mass, it looks like snowflakes. It is very inexpensive and a little goes a long way. Use it for centerpieces and pew ends. It holds well out of water so it can be used anywhere! Cover the top of a snow white wedding cake and make a huge wreath uot of it for the ceremony.  white mums can also be very pretty in the winter mixed with white or pink berries.

Purple is a great color for winter weddings. Deep purple and red mixed together is rich and royal but looks great in the cold winter months. Deep rich colors will warm up the room and feel cozy and romantic.  Red is always a good flower color any time of year but looks so great in contrast to the whiteness of winter. Silver and gold accents look great in the winter months. Use metallics in the ribbon used on the bouquets and corsages and use silver branches in the centerpieces. Gold and silver painted pinecones are beautiful in centerpieces as well. Cylinders full of cranberries and floating candles are an inexpensive but colorful centerpiece. Lanterns work well in the winter months for wedding decor. Consider using them down the aisle with a bow tied on them or lfowers around the base. Use a large lantern at the front of the church with large candles to create a candlelight ceremony. Small lanterns can also be carried by the bridesmaids instead of flowers for a different look altogether!

Also consider using mostly greenery for decor with just a few well placed flowers. Winter is a good time to to that because it fits the time of year so well and it costs much less! Winter greens are beautiful and smell nice. Garlands of winter greenery placed on the altar would be very impactful!

So there is a few ideas for your winter wedding. Have fun and be creative!