Greenery is back and in a big way! Not so long ago, no one wanted greenery in the flower arrangements and now it’s being used everywhere!  I love to put greenery in the bouquets, it adds texture and movement. The round bouquets of all flowers are a classic and will never be out of style, but brides are loving the big bohemian style bouquets full of different greenery. There are so many types of greenery that can be used in the wedding décor. One of those more popular greens right now is Eucalyptus. Now I am not talking about that smelly dried stuff that people used to put in dried flower arrangements. The seeded Eucalyptus is the one that is most used right now. It is a small fan shaped leaves and berries that are on a slim flowing stem. It adds a lot of texture and movement to a floral design. It is a lighter to medium green color. The silk version is very nice too and makes a silk flower bouquet feel more natural. Seeded eucalyptus can be used in many other ways at the wedding. It can be made into a garland that can then be used in the middle of a long table or draped around a group of candles in the center of a round table like a wreath. It can be draped on arches or huppas as well. There is also silver dollar eucalyptus that is a smaller fan shaped leaf and lighter in color and doesn’t have the berries. Dusty Miller is a fun greenery. It has larger fuzzy leaves that are a little green gray in color. It is a much softer type of greenery that looks good with softer flowers such as peonies and magnolias. In the fresh version it can be a little floppy but in silk, it holds up great in a bouquet. It looks great in centerpieces that are in a container. It can also come in a garland version to use in various ways to decorate the wedding. It looks great in a wreath that can be used to accent a church door or to encircle the unity candle.  Lambs ear is a super soft fuzzy leaf that is smaller than dusty miller but similar in color and feel. I use these smaller leaves in boutonnieres and corsages to give texture. I like to use them in wildflower bouquets. They look good in mason jar centerpieces with smaller mixed flowers. Ferns have always been popular in wedding décor. The basic leatherleaf fern is similar to a Boston fern but comes in single stems. It is used a lot in centerpieces and sometimes in bouquets. I love to see Boston ferns decorating a church ceremony or hanging from a gazebo. I have seen single fern leaves in a cylinder vase with colorful rocks used as a centerpiece or lining the isle at the ceremony. There are other types of ferns as well. A Plumosus fern is much finer in texture and lighter green in color. A Maidenhair fern is a smaller leaf as well and used a lot in wedding work. Lets not forget Ivy. Ivy has long been used in wedding work. Its drapey nature makes it great for cascading bouquets and the individual leaves are great for boutonnieres and corsages. If you are really bold, you can use colorful coleus leaves in your bouquet, they have a beautiful deep raspberry center on the leaf with a green edge. They look great in a fall bouquet. I love to use larger leaves like hosta to finish the edge of a hantied bouquet. Grasses are being used in bouquets as well. They look great in a beach wedding or a woodland theme. Use your imagination and use greenery to decorate your wedding! Here are few photos to inspire you.