It’s springtime and time for spring weddings and flowers. Peonies are a very popular spring wedding flower and they have a very small window of blooming time. Peonies are typically a shade of pink whether it’s pale pink or hot pink. I did a wedding a few years ago that used many shades of pink based on the color of Peonies. The bride loved the idea of an all peony bouquet but to keep it interesting, we used several different shades of pink. She also wanted to add some of her grandmother’s brooches to personalize it even more. She got married in a ballroom so we needed some flowers to accent the ceremony area. I recommended using pink cherry blossoms which are also a spring flower and the branching qualities of the cherry blossom make a beautiful vase arrangement. She also had a giant 5 tier wedding cake that she wanted accented with flowers. It had five open tiers that I had to fill with flowers! It turned out stunning. I used silk peonies, hydrangea, cherry blossoms and ranunculus.There were silk and fresh flowers on the guest table. Since fresh peonies are pretty pricey, we decided to use pink carnation balls on an eiffel tower vase and hot pink gladiolus in tall cylinder vases. I also used some silk cherry blossoms in smaller vases underwater with floating candles. Peonies are too large to use for boutonnieres and corsages so mini ranunculus was used for the boutonnieres. Some ideas on how to use peonies in your wedding are to cluster them in a mall vase or in a wooden floral container for a more rustic look. A wreath full of silk peonies would look beautiful on the door of the church or hung on an arch or gazebo. White peonies are beautiful too mixed with some berries in the winter. Pink has always been a popular color for weddings even back in the 80’s when I got married. I was ahead of my time, I had blush pink dresses and mixed colors of pink in my bouquet. Mauve is making a comeback! Mauve is dusty pink with a touch of purple. It’s a soft beautiful color that is gaining in popularity and I can get many silk flowers in mauve. Another popular pink is rose gold. The dresses in rose gold are so pretty. I had a wedding last year with that color. We used cream magnolias mixed with pink carnations, cherry blossoms and spray roses. I made wreaths to go around the base of some lanterns the bride wanted to use on the guest tables. Here are some photos of the pink peony wedding to inspire you.