Decorating your wedding and reception can be a daunting task. The best decor for any celebration is with flowers. How do you begin? Start with color. Choose flowers that will complement your wedding colors but not necessarily completely match. Use teh bridesmaids dressses as a good starting point. then choose accent colors and complimentary colors. also, the mood of the party is important. If your ceremony is very formal, you would need to use formal flowers such as roses, calla lilies, peonies, or hydrangea. Daisies would be apprpriate for an informal or country style ceremony.

If your wedding colors are blue then choose a color such as green or yellow to compliment that. flowers could be hydrangea, yellow roses or lilies. Red bridesmaids dresses can incorpoate red, yellow, orange,green,white or deep purple flowers. Pink is always a poopular weding color. Hot pink mixed with light pinks looks great as well as pinks and purples.

How do you incorporate flowers into the celebration besides the obvious bouquets and corsages? Put an arrangement at the altar. it doesnt have to be elaborate. Lots of candles with loose flowers and greenery highlights the altar. Small flower bouquets tied to the pews gives your guests something to see as they are being seated. Big puffy bows are kinda out so a small satin bow with a floral accent is a good alternative. Pomander balls are quite popular to accent the pews as well.

Including flowers into the centerpieces is always a good idea. They don,t have to be huge and elevated above your head unless that is in your budget of course. It can be as simple as floating flower heads with floating candles or simple bud vases with one dramatic bloom. i saw a wedding with three wine bottles painted black with a single pink flower in each one. It was beautiful and elegant. i bet they had fun drinking all that wine! Ask  me about simple centerpieces for your special day that won't break the bank!