It is wedding season again and thoughts of the perfect wedding are floating in your head! then the reality of the budget creeps into the picture. How can we make our wedding dreams fit into the budget. One way is to use silk flowers. Fresh flowers are usually quite expensive depending on the flowers used. The beautiful pictures of bouquets on popular wedding websites are usually the pricey ones and not always in season for your wedding. Those pictures can be useful to help you determine the type of bouqwuet you want and also the color combination that appeals to you however, keep an open mind. A good and crative florist can help recreate that bouquet in a price that fits the budget. Silk flowers are a great alternative. they have really improved over the last few years and look very real. My thought on silk flowers is not to substitute them for real flowers but embrace them and create beautiful arrangements and then who cares if they are real or silk as long as they designed well!  I don't think your guests really care if the flowers are real or silk, they just see creative beautiful flower arrangements. Also, choose quality silk flowers and choose a florist that specializes in silk flowers like me!

Using silk flowers for your wedding is not only cost effective but also takes some stress out of the day. When using silk flowers, you can see your bouquet ahead of time so you can approve it and there is no unwelcome surprises on your day. Also you don't have to worry about keeping the flowers hydrated throughout a long day of pictures and hugs! Fresh flowers have to be kept in vases of water and you have to be careful handling them.

consider other alternatives for tables and church decorations. One of the most beautiful weddings I have attended did not have any flowers on the tables. The bride used red candleholders on the tables that gave off a beautiful glow in the room. i also saw a wedding where they used wine bottles painted black with silk cherry bloosom branches in them. It was stunning! I hope that inspires you to use silk flowers for your wedding day and save the money for the honeymoon!